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4/27/2021 8:11 am  #1

Week #21 ARRL Radiogram

GM, Operators.
Welcome to Week #21 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday.

Things got kind of rough for some of you last week, so we’re going to throttle back a little this time out.

This week you’ll be sending an ARRL Radiogram to someone you know. It could be a fellow ham (perhaps telling them about the SNJ WW), a friend or a family member. If possible, have it delivered by phone. If that’s not an option, email will work. Extra points for sending it outside your region.

You’ll find the Radiogram Template in the Radiogram and RRI Forms drop down menu.

Fill out the radiogram as usual. At the bottom, in the yellow panel, it says,”NOW CLICK HERE”. Do that. A window will pop up. Select the region that the recipient is in. This will send your message to the Liaison Station for their region. From there the Radiogram automatically enters the NTS and is delivered the same as any other radiogram.

It is important to note: This is a one-way trip from Winlink to the NTS. If your recipient replies (even if they use Winlink), their message will travel by normal NTS channels and you will receive it by phone or regular email, NOT by Winlink.

If you would be so kind, please Cc: SNJWW, so a copy is sent directly to me via Winlink. If you’re not comfortable sharing a radiogram with SNJWW, you can just send a radiogram to me thru the Region 2 Liaison. (no need to Cc: me for that)
That’s about it. Any questions or comments or ideas for the net are always welcomed.
Have fun!


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