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4/17/2021 4:21 pm  #1

Week #20 Image Attachment

GA, Operators.

 This is the info for Week #20. I’m posting it early to give everyone a little extra time to play along.
 We’ll be sending an image attached to a Winlink Check-in Form.

 For an image: One of our operators suggested that net participants go out in the field and snap a picture of a local bridge or dam.  This can add another layer of realism to the exercise. 
Fill out the Winlink Check-in form as you normally would. Then… 

To attach your picture to the Winlink Check-in form…
1) Click on the Attach button.  

2) Click on “Add” and find the JPG file of your bridge or dam. The Size Field will probably be RED because this fileis too big. Winlink messages must be less than 120KB. Click the “Edit/resize – image” button.You may Crop the image before resizing to remove clutter that might have appeared in your picture, but Cropping is not necessary to reduce the size of image file. Select (highlight) the JPG file, click on the “Resize” button and enter in the “Desired size” field 25 (KB).Click “Change size”. Click “Save”. Click “Save changes” You are back to the Attach window, click“Finished” and you are back to the Message window.

 3) Please send to SNJOEM and Cc: yourself (to see what the finished product looks like) 

If possible, please make note of how long it takes to send this message. I’ll try to remember to ask for this data in the following net’s info (Week #21) 

Have fun!


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