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4/13/2021 10:33 am  #1

Week #19 Winlink Check-in

GM, Operators.
We’re going to circle back to a basic check-in this week, using the Winlink Check-in template.

For anyone new to Winlink: Select Message at the top of the Winlink screen. Then New Message. Click on Select Template at the top of the screen, and that will open the Template Manager. Under Standard Templates, open the General Forms menu. Down toward the bottom of the drop-down menu, you’ll find the Winlink Check-in template. Click on it and it will open up in your browser’s window.

For this week’s check-in:
Use the Setup Tab to add SNJ WINLINK WEDNESDAY, to the header.

Set the Date/Time for your current time. Set Status to Net. Then select your band and mode. (As always: Telnet check-ins are acceptable if RF is not an option)

Send to SNJWW.

Under Callsigns of Initial On-Site Operators, put your name.

Fill in your location, and if possible, your coordinates.

In the text box:
Put any thoughts or ideas you have about the net. What would you like to try out – or try again?
I’m thinking about duplicating the Image Sending exercise that the ARC Winlink Thursday folks tried a few weeks ago. I found it interesting. What do you think, should we give it a try?
Please pass this to any operators that might be new to Winlink or its use. We accept Telnet check-ins specifically for them, so they can learn the software even if they aren’t set up for RF.  Thanks.
See you tomorrow.


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