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1/28/2021 6:52 pm  #1

OCARES ANA-1 Configurations

One of the great things about this antenna is its versatility. Here are a few of the different ways we've deployed it.
And keep in mind: We've spent nearly every Sunday for the past year and a half testing the OCARES ANA-1. There's nothing hypothetical about its performance.

#1 The Standard "Vehicle" Version:


This version is the quickest to deploy and take down. As with all configurations, a 1;1 Balun needs to be installed at the antenna feedpoint.
Two chalklines can also be run from the same mount: one tuned to 80m and the other to 40m. This allows switching between bands with no tuner or additional hardware.

#2 The Standard Dipole Version: [Shown shortened for clarity]
Just a regular dipole, two chalklines low to the ground. It works fine without a reflector.

#3 The L Version: [size=100][Also shown shortened for clarity][/size]
This one is a space saving variant on the standard dipole. The resonator makes up the other half of the "dipole" and adds a vertical element to aid in reception.



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