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1/21/2021 10:09 am  #1

About the Southern New Jersey Winlink Wednesday Net

The SNJ WW Net is a training tool aimed at operators who wish to keep their Winlink traffic skills sharp. It is focused on using the Winlink software and its various features and forms.

It is a dynamic net, as opposed to a stats oriented net. We focus our energy on doing different things from week to week, rather than compiling lists of who checked in; from where; how many times; etc...

Because our priority is learning and working with the Winlink software, Telnet check ins are completely acceptable if RF check in is not an option. We realize that during a deployment or training exercise, more operators than stations are usually needed -- to work shifts or provide relief. Operators that may not be able to set up and configure a Winlink station can still be an incredibly valuable asset. This is also why our net is "Technician Class" friendly. You can learn how to use the software now, and save the station stuff for later. Techs can also be a force multiplier on HF by operating with Generals and Extras and under their license privileges. 

Unfortunately, the SNJ WW  is NOT an RF station troubleshooting net -- although we will attempt to help if we can. There are too many radios, interfaces, TNCs, OSs, antennas, etc... for us to be able to diagnose your particular situation in a timely fashion.
If you are having problems, we ask that you consult any, or all, or the following information sources:

The Winlink Book of Knowledge has an incredibly thorough FAQ:

For a more interactive approach, you can try  Winlink on

Google and YouTube can also be very helpful.

We hope  to see you on the net. All are welcomed, regardless of station or location.

The SNJ Winlink Wednesday Team

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