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1/12/2021 6:19 pm  #1

SNJ Winlink Wednesday...

Many of you may already know about our new training tool, but here's a quick rundown of our goals for the SNJ version of Winlink Wednesday:

The Original Winlink Wednesday was started down in Virginia a few years ago. It is more "statistic oriented". They do a certain type of check-in each week of the month. It is the same series of check-ins every month. (Week 1, regular email check-in; Week 2 a weather report added; Week 3 an ICS 213; and Week 4 a Winlink Net Check-in form). Then they post all their stats: Who checked in; how many checked in; from where, etc...

We've decided to go a different route with the South Jersey net. We polled our net participants, and they overwhelmingly preferred a more "training oriented" net. Each net will be something different. This week (Week #6) we're using Winlink Local Weather Report forms. Next week may be an ICS 213 from Net Control asking the net to reply back to him. Or maybe it'll be something else. That's the whole idea: To keep things fun, interesting, and somewhat challenging.

I hope you can join us. The net's message info is posted over on the Section's page every Tuesday.




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