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1/25/2020 5:31 pm  #1

Android FLMSG

Here's a link to the Sourceforge Download page for AndFLMSG:

Just download the most recent AndFLMSG APK file to your Android device.
And a video of it in action...

Common Audio-Coupled Troubleshooting Issues:

1) Download Problems: You may have to go into your Android Device's Settings and check "Allow Apps From Unknown Sources". This can be an issue because you are downloading the app from Sourceforge and not from Google Play.

2) How to navigate to different screens: The AndFLMSG app opens in the Terminal Screen. You must "swipe" the screen side-to-side to get to the Modem Screen and Inbox View Screen.

3) When you are finished composing a message you MUST scroll to the bottom or upper right-hand side of the formĀ (depending on the specific message) and press either Save to Outbox or Save to Drafts. If you press the Return button at the top of the form all your information will be lost. (We've all done this at least once.)

4) Save your message to the Drafts Folder if there is any chance that you may have to update or edit it. Once it goes into the Outbox Folder you cannot change it.

5) Incoming messages decode as gibberish on the Modem Screen (but may be fine when opened from the Inbox):
Go into Settings/Data Exchange and uncheck Use Compression for Data Exchange. This is no big deal if you want/need to use compression, you can leave it checked: It is mentioned because it looks like something is wrong with the raw decoding.

Adding a Fullsize Bluetooth Keyboard makes composing messages much easier. And use the Tab key on the keyboard to move from one text field to the next text field.

Please post any questions or other problems you may have.

Have fun!




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