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1/23/2024 10:49 pm  #1


GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #163.
Disasterville has had a severe snowstorm. You are tasked with sending an ICS205 containing the emergency frequencies to SNJOEM.
The event name is: Disasterville Blizzard
Start date and time: 01/24/2023, 1100L
End date and time: TBD
Approved by: Mark Knofler Disasterville Planning Mgr
You will find a spreadsheet of the ICS205 frequencies here:
Please send it by the following methods:
1 Load the spreadsheet’s information directly into an ICS205 form using the Paste Channel Data from a Spreadsheet option.
2 Attach the spreadsheet to an ICS213. In the message body put THIS IS DRILL and comment on which method you think is better or more practical.
That’s it. Have fun!


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