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12/12/2023 9:56 pm  #1


Welcome to Week #157.
We’re going to use the Winlink Radio Net Log this week. (Standard Templates/General Forms/Radio Net Log)
You can use a local net or an HF net or I suppose you could find an Echolink net it you have it installed on your PC.

In the form’s header, please put the name of the net.
Put yourself in box 4 (Back up)
Log the net and add whether it was a UHF/VHF; HF; Echolink net or other, and whether it was Phone or Digital or CW in the Comment Section.
At the bottom of the form select Save Form Data. This will save a text file to your PC’s Download Folder. Either leave the file there or save it somewhere else but try not to lose it. We’ll need it again for a future net.
Send your form to: SNJWW
We’ll extend the net until next Wednesday to give you a chance to log a net.

That’s it.
Have fun!


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