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12/05/2023 5:48 pm  #1


GE, Operators.

Welcome to Week #156 (The 3 year anniversary of the net)

This week your are a shelter operator during an extreme weather event. 

Your served agency point of contact (POC) is Hank Reardon. He is concerned that more extreme weather may be on the way and could hamper Hazard County’s recovery effort. He wants to know the weather outlook for at least the next 5 days.

You’re going to use a Winlink Catalog Request (under the Settings tab). Scroll down toward the bottom of the Categories menu and select WX_US 

After clicking on WX_US, select the forecast closest to you location and double click to post your request to your Outbox. Open a session and send the request. Wait a few minutes to open another session to receive your weather forecast.
Forward that forecast to: SNJOEM

That's it. Have fun!



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