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11/07/2023 6:01 pm  #1


GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #152.

We’re going to turn last week’s exercise around. I’ve just sent out an ICS213 to everyone that participated in last week’s net. If you need a copy, send a Winlink email to SNJWW.

Use the form’s REPLY option to respond to my message. The method has changed recently. Follow the Reply to this message instructions in the Reply section of the form.
The short version is:
Close the ICS213; double-click on my message in your Inbox or Read Folder; this will open a pop-up window; click on Reply and the ICS213 will open again. This time you’ll be able to type in the Reply section. Okay, that wasn’t so short, but that’s how it’s done.
Good luck. Have fun!
Post any problems or questions on the page.


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