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7/04/2023 6:23 pm  #1

WEEK #134 SMS Text Message

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #134.
We’re back on the multi-week exercise again…
When we left off, you had been assigned to help out the CERT Team. A pressing matter has come up. The Hazard County EOC needs to contact Gladys Caruthers. She is an expert on hydrology at the state university and her assessment of the Disasterville Dam is crucial. Time is of the essence. Phone service is down all over Hazard County but is functioning beyond.
The EOC knows her cellphone number (732 996 8913) and that the university’s cellphone carrier is T-Mobile. What can you do?
Follow the instructions at this link:
There is a text file with instructions. The other two files go into your Winlink Global Templates Folder (C:\RMS Express\Global Folders\Templates\)

Once you have your SMS Form set up:

Put Gladys’ info in the appropriate boxes. (NOTE: You MUST click on the ADD # button after you enter her phone number. This will move it to the Send To Addresses box)
Put Hazard County EOC in the Subject box.
In the message body: Need your assessment of Dville Dam ASAP.
That’s it. Have fun!
I will try to get back to you in a timely manner if you have questions or problems.
SNJWW/Gladys Caruthers


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