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5/02/2023 8:05 pm  #1

Week #125 Winlink Check-in: Hazard County Tsunami/nado/quake

GE, Operators.
Everyone did a great job with last week’s “adhoc” shelter form. It was a little easier to grasp the information from spreadsheets, than an ICS213. Kudos for those of you that put the information in both an ICS213 and a spreadsheet. A couple of you also adapted the Winlink Information Form to the task. (Standard Templates/General Forms/Information). That was a creative approach to the problem. Well done!
It might not be a bad idea to consider how something will look to the receiver on the other end, especially if they are not a ham operator. Just a thought.
Welcome to Week #125. Bad news! A Tsunami/nado/quake is headed straight for Hazard County. The HC EOC is calling up all personnel to establish their availability. This includes radio operators. This will be a multi-week exercise.
Please send a Winlink Check-in form to SNJOEM. Include if you are able to participate in the next few SNJWW nets, if can you operate portable and for how long without power.
The NCS will task operators via ICS213 forms during next week’s net (Week #126).
Have fun!


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