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2/14/2023 8:42 pm  #1


GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #115.
We’re going to pick up where we left off during Week #113.
First, I’d like to explain the idea behind this method of generating real-time exercise traffic. I’m a big fan of realistic training. During an actual event, a served agency won’t ask you to just make up messages at your own pace. They will want very specific information to be sent accurately and in a timely fashion. That would not be a good time to find out that your typing or “cut and paste” skills are rusty or non-existent.
That’s where the “Key Method” that we’ve used during weeks 112 and 113 come in. Whoever is running the exercise would distribute the numbered key list of possible messages to all operators prior to the exercise.  When it’s time for operators to move traffic, the exercise leader would release the key for that specific message (Example: Send the numbered message that corresponds to the last digit of the year you were first licensed as a ham operator). All operators would then generate and send their traffic. Even though they would have all the possible messages in advance, they would not know which specific message to send until the key is released. On the other end, Net Control would not know which specific message each operator would be sending in advance either, so the real-time aspect works on both ends.
Hopefully, this will add a manageable level of stress to the exercise traffic. I guarantee it will be less stressful than having a served agency representative looking over y our shoulder during an actual event.
This method can be used with any Winlink Form Template.
We’ll be using a Red Cross ARC6409 form this week. Fill in the Header as indicated below and then send ONLY the numbered message that corresponds to the last digit of your zip code.
Requestor Name: BOB MAXWELL
Title: SHELTER MGR - Phone: 2015551235
Site POC: BARBARA WIGGENS – Phone: 2015555321 – Email: BWIGGENS@ARC.ORG
            STOCK #     QTY.       UNIT          TOTAL              DESCRIPTION
0     8858-023         5              CS                10              BLANKETS
       143-0092         2              CS                50              COMFORT KITS
1     05-23-667       12            BX                45              SNACK PAKS
       5546-A-23       23            EA                23              FOLDING CHAIR
2    998034-F         75            EA                75               COTS
      44-345-1          25            PK                 3                 SLEEP KITS
3    456-RNT          1               EA                1                  SHELTER KITCHEN KIT
      66-345-R         10             CS                 15                TRAYS/UTENSILS
4    HH-45-1          3               EA                 1                  DECON STATION
      HH-2365         2               EA                 2                  DECON SUPPLIES
5    TTY-23-001    15             CS                 10                COLD MEAL KITS
      TH-76             4               EA                  4                 BEVERAGE STATION
6     GGG-9923    2               BX                 200             DISPOSABLE SLIPPERS
       CHS-880       4               BX                  250            CHEESE SNAKS CHEDDAR
7     HYG-445      5               CS                  60               HYGIENE KITS
       PP-234-L      6               BX                  4                 PAPER TOWEL
8     665-234       7               PK                 100             NITRILE GLOVES
       4657-222     12             BX                 100            N95 MASKS
9    77-A-345      15             EA                 1                 TACTICAL MITTENS
      65-G-7754    17             BX                 2                 BOARD GAMES
Special Instructions: DRILL DRILL DRILL
Please send your completed form to SNJARC.
That’s it. Have fun!


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