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11/15/2022 11:01 pm  #1

Week #102 ICS215A Incident Safety Analysis

GE, Operators.
I’d like to take a moment to address last week’s net and your responses to my question about the RRI ICS213’s practical use. The overwhelming consensus is that it would take a very long time to accurately pass a message that contains more than 25 words. A served agency, that is used to using regular ICS213 forms without word count restrictions, is very likely to compose messages containing a lot more. 

In my opinion it is fairly unlikely that an RRI ICS213 would be inserted into the NTS (National Traffic System). It would most likely be used locally, to send official traffic to a station that is unable to operate digitally. A computer crash or dead battery could pose such a situation for a station that normally operates with Winlink. With that in mind, I can see the merit in knowing the RRI ICS213 and practicing with it even if your local operators have digital capabilities.
The winning response to last week’s question was from Chris KC3QVF: “NXT MSG BY SEMAPHORE”.
Welcome to Week #102.                     
This week we’ll be working with the ICS215A Incident Safety Analysis.
Please put Hazard County EOC in the header.
Your POC in the EOC gives you the form’s information in a spreadsheet. Find it here:
Everything is included in the spreadsheet. You have to cut and paste the information into the corresponding boxes in the Winlink form. This is a little more complicated that our previous spreadsheet exercises.
Send your completed form to: SNJOEM
That’s it. Have fun!


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