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10/11/2022 4:38 pm  #1

Week #97 ICS215A

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #97.
This week we’ll be working with the ICS215A Incident Safety Analysis form.
The scenario:
You are working at the Disasterville EOC. The Incident Safety Officer (Beth Nagle) has put together an analysis for several locations in Disasterville. She needs the Operations Section Chief at the Hazard County EOC to sign off on the plan. Fortunately, she has had the foresight to log her plan in a spreadsheet. She passes it to you for transmission via RF.

Incident Name: Tropical Storm Ziggy
Incident Number: 202210-002
Prepared: 10/11/2022 1003L
Operational Period: 10/12-10/16 0600L to 2359L

The spreadsheet is here:
The exercise:
Load the spreadsheet into a Winlink ICS215A and send it to: SNJOEM.
That’s it. Have fun!
PS: The annual Great Shakeout earthquake drill is coming up soon. I’ve registered the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net again this year. More info to follow.


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