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2/02/2020 7:06 pm  #1

Girl Scouts Thinking Day On The Air

You may already be aware of the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree On The Air event, but have you heard of the Girl Scouts’ Thinking Day On The Air (TDOTA)?  This event was created for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts so they could reach out around the world and speak with each other.  This year TDOTA takes place February 22nd and 23rd.  Many will already be participating in World Thinking Day, and TDOTA is an outgrowth of that activity. So if Thinking Day is already been planned, see if you can slip amateur radio into the program, or creating a TDOTA event. Information and station registration is available at the TDOTA web site

The ARRL has a nice description of TDOTA, and supports the event with its own Radio and Wireless Technology patch.  Last year JSARS participated in the event.  It was such a success that Girl Scouts and JSARS are planning a repeat of last year.  If you have questions, then please contact me.


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