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11/24/2021 7:02 am  #1

Week #51 Individual Position Request

GM, Operators.
Sorry I’m posting this late.
Welcome to Week #51 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net.
This week’s net should be a breeze after the WL2K_NEARBY and WL2K_MOBILE searches you’ve done for the past couple of nets.

This time out, you are only going to search for one specific callsign: NJ2N. Several operators mentioned that it took some time to download the NEARBY and MOBILE searches, especially on HF. A single callsign (or even a handful) should be quick and easy for everyone.

Here’s how to request a specific callsign(s):

Open a new Winlink Message.
Address it to: QTH
In the message body: Type the callsign(s) that you want position reports for. NJ2N
It’s that simple.
Send the message; wait a few minutes and open a new session; and you should receive my Position Report. Reply as instructed in the Comment Field, using an ICS213. Send to: SNJOEM

We’re keeping the net light this week, due to the holiday. Next week will be the net’s one year anniversary, and we’re whipping up some fun to celebrate.

Have fun and a great Thanksgiving!


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