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11/02/2021 7:04 pm  #1

Week #48 Nearby User Inquiry

GE, Operators.

Welcome to Week #48 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday.
This exercise will have two parts.
We’re going to see who’s out there and still on the air after an unspecified, wide-spread weather event has knocked out our regional infrastructure.  You've heard Winlink signals on the air but have no idea who's sending them.

Part One:
First: Winlink needs to know your position. If you never reported your location (or would like to update it), Click on GPS/Position Reports under the Settings tab. Either enter the coordinates manually or by GPS. You can also include a short message or comment to be a part of your report. When you’re done click on the Post Report button at the bottom.

Now let’s find out who we can contact out there…

Click on the Settings Tab and select Winlink Catalog Requests. On the lefthand side of the window that opens up, scroll down to (and select) WNLK_USERS. That will reload the menu in the center of the window. Double click on WLNK_NEARBY. It should appear under Selections on the right side of the window. Click Post Request.
This will move your inquiry to the Outbox. Then simply open a Winlink session and send it. Wait 10-15 minutes and open another session and you should receive a reply message with the closest active operators in your area.

Part Two:
Please Forward the reply message with your closest operators to: SNJWW
That’s it for Part Two.
This could be a valuable way to reestablish contact after a large-scale event. You could use the Comment Field in the GPS/Position window to post when you’ll be on the air and what frequency you’ll be monitoring for potential P2P contacts if local nodes are down. With that said, sending in a current position for your station might be the very first thing you do.

Have fun!



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