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10/26/2021 5:47 pm  #1

Week #47 ICS309 Disasterville Charity Bike Ride: NORTH END COMMS

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #47 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday.
We’re going to go back and wrap up our ICS309 logging with one more MP3 file. This one is difficult. Try to record it in one pass, but feel free to go back over it again.

You will be logging for the NORTH END. The NORTH END operator on the recording is female (the only one on the net). That should make things a little easier.

You will be listening for traffic between NORTH END and the following stations: SAG #s; South End; 5th and Atlantic (5TH/ATL); 6th and Atlantic (6th/ATL); and Net Control (NCS)
There is a bit of real-world chaos at times. This is not unusual. You’ll just have to deal with it.

Here’s the ICS309’s Header:

And here’s a link to the MP3 file:
Please send your ICS309 to: SNJWW
Have fun!

PS: I'll post my fillable PDF ICS309 of this MP3 file in this week's after-action. 

PPS: ARRL Radiogram MP3 files are in the works. I'll keep you posted.


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