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10/19/2021 9:07 am  #1

Week #46 USGS DYFI Earthquake Report with videos

GA, Operators.
Welcome to Week #46 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday.
The Great Shake Out, national earthquake drill, is this week. It might be a good time to dust off our USGS DYFI forms again.

I’ve registered the net to participate a day early, on Oct 20. The preferred time is 15:21 UTC – more on that in a minute.

Here’s the plan:

Open the USGS Did You Feel It form in Winlink. (Templates/Standard/USGS)
Then go here:
There are three short earthquake videos. Pick one, watch it, and record what you see as if you were actually there.

On the form:

BE SURE TO CHECK EXERCISE at the top of the form. It will be sent to the USGS. Also Cc: yourself and SNJWW.

Our earthquake will occur at: 15:21UTC on 10/20/2021

Change the time box to your local equivalent of 15:21 UTC 
(See chart below)
[This is the time of the earthquake, so it would be the same on everyone’s form. Reports would be sent in when possible, so "send" times are irrelevant on the form.]

1521 ZULU/UTC is 12:21 ADT Atlantic
1521 ZULU/UTC is 11:21 EDT Eastern
1521 ZULU/UTC is 10:21 CDT Central
1521 ZULU/UTC is 09:21 MDT Mountain
1521 ZULU/UTC is 08:21 PDT Pacific

Bonus Points for Lat/Lon on your report.

You can send the report in at your convenience (Wed or Thu). The time and date on the form will be: 15:21 UTC converted to your local time zone and 10/20/2021
And that’s it. Ham Radio is playing a significant role in the exercise, with over 3000 operators participating across the country.
Have fun and be a part of the action!
PS: For more information on The Great Shake Out:
PPS: Robert DC7RF – If you would like to participate, remove the USGS email address from the To: box, and send your report to SNJWW. Thanks.


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