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10/11/2021 11:55 am  #1

ICS309 Disasterville Charity Bike Ride: SAG 1 (3:24)

Follow the link to a short MP3 file of a tactical traffic net.

To use: You are logging for Net Control.

Record: SAG Vehicle Number (Support & Gear Vans)
              SAG Vehicle Location 

              The number of Riders and Bicycles onboard. [Example: SAG 3, 5/5]
              Any other pertinent information

Brevity is the key. You are recording traffic, not every time a mic is keyed.
The idea is to log all information on your first time listening to the file. For an honest assessment of your logging: Do not pause, do not go back and relisten.
Headphones are recommended.

Log on a paper ICS309; a Winlink ICS309; or an FLMSG ICS309

Have fun!


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