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8/24/2021 6:15 pm  #1

Week #38 Image Crop

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #38 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday.
Most of us dodged Hurricane Henri this past weekend. Now we’re going to use him to our advantage.

In our scenario, two storms rolled up the East Coast. The first made landfall in Southern New Jersey and knocked out Internet, Cell Service and various critical infrastructure. This leaves the second storm unaccounted for. Fortunately, you are working at your local EOC as a radio operator. You overheard some of the local EmComm staff lamenting their inability to obtain information on the second storm. Has it strengthened? Changed its course? Where is it now?

Hopefully, most of you are familiar with FLDigi and its many modems. One of them is Weather Fax (WEFAX) which decodes sea-state maps and satellite images for the Western Atlantic Ocean. [NOTE: You can also download them here: 
Atlantic Ocean RADIOFAX Schedule (

In our scenario, you download (via FLDigi) the latest NWS satellite image that shows the 2nd storm’s current location. Your local EOC Staff are suitably impressed. They ask you to relay the satellite image to a neighboring county’s EOC.

Our exercise features image resizing. We’ve done this before with a storm damage image. Winlink will tell you that the WEFAX image is too large to send via RF when you try to attach the image to your email message. Crop the image to show the storm with enough surrounding detail to show its location. The final size should be around 25kb.

Please send the resized image (attached to a regular Winlink Message) to SNJOEM, and Cc: yourself, so you can see the final result. In the message body of the email mention whether or not you’ve ever downloaded WEFAX images before.

[There’s a good chance that this is Part 1 of a two part exercise.]

The image that you "downloaded via FLDigi" is here:

Havw fun!



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