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7/17/2021 6:59 am  #1

ARESMAT at the NJ Trialthlon

The SNJ Section is pleased to announce the MAT's first Public Service deployment:

The SNJ ARES Mutual Assistance Team will be deploying to the 2021 NJ Triathlon in Mercer County on July 18.
The organizers requested 2 operators. ARESMAT is sending Glen KD2FFR and myself, along with Silke KC2ENS. 

The team is also preparing to support the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC this fall. More info to come...



7/19/2021 6:14 am  #2

Re: ARESMAT at the NJ Trialthlon

From the SNJ Section website:

The SNJ ARESMAT supports the 2021 New Jersey Triathlon
This past Sunday the 2021 NJ Triathlon was held at Mercer County Park in West Windsor, NJ. Earlier in the week the Ham Radio organizers requested 1-2 operators to fill positions at the beginning and end of the bicycle leg of the event. The SNJ ARES Mutual Assistance Team fielded a Type 4 team of three operators* for UHF/VHF Phone communications.
Operators were tasked with directing the riders to either complete a 2nd loop of the course or head to the end of the segment. Riders completing the first or second loops of the course were intermingled. This made it a challenge to steer them to the correct lane. All operators, event staff and local police worked together and did a great job keeping the riders on track.
I addition to the event’s stated duties, MAT members also cleared overhead branches from the bike lane, directed motorists to the park’s open entrances and even drove a spectator that had “misplaced” his car around the area.
This was the team’s first Public Service deployment and was a warm up for the MS City to Shore bike ride this fall.
Participating Team Members: Silke KC2ENS, Glen KD2FFR, and Tim NJ2N
The SNJ ARES Mutual Assistance Team consists of emergency communications operators from around South Jersey. If an SNJ County finds itself shorthanded during an emergency, ARESMAT operators will deploy to that county as needed to supplement the local EmComm group’s local operators. The local EC tasks the Mutual Assistance Operators as needed – in effect, they become his operators.
The SNJ ARESMAT is looking for operators to join the team. Any license class is acceptable, as is any experience level. For more information email:
* A Type 4 Team is equipped with dual band HTs for Voice communications. Types 1-3 add Digital Modes (FLDigi/FLMSG and Winlink), HF, and HF Digital Modes. All team types can operate portable, on emergency power, and are self-sustaining for up to 72 hours.

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