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5/30/2023 5:37 pm  #1

WEEK #129 Information Form

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #129 and our continuing multi-week exercise.

Just a quick recap: A tsunami/quake/nado has hit Hazard County. The HC EOC has already done a call up of available radio operators to support various functions throughout the county.
So far operators have checked in sent in a Field SITREP for their home locations; moved to their assigned rally point and have posted their new coordinates via Winlink for mapping. Everyone has started an ICS214A Individual Activity Log to keep track of your assignments and activities. Then all operators were assigned to support either a Fire House or an EMS Squad. As Team Leader, you planned out an operating schedule based on your available operators for a 48hr duration. That brings us to this week’s portion of the exercise.
The Hazard County EOC has requested an overview of radio traffic flowing in and out of its fire and first aid stations. There is no specific form for this information. You could use a spreadsheet or possibly and ICS213, but….You are going to tabulate the traffic flow in an Information Form (Select Template/Standard Templates/General Forms/Information). The requested information will fit nicely into this form and be very readable and easy to understand.

[It would make this form a lot more versatile if columns could be add to the form, but currently they cannot.]

Find the requested information here:

NOTE: Your logger has been recording this information with pen and paper, while radio operators have been using Winlink forms for more immediate and important traffic.

Send the information from the location you were assigned to during last week’s net (either Engine Co 45 or EMS 12)
Also, put you assigned location in the form’s header.

Please send your completed form to: SNJOEM
That’s it for this week. Have fun!


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