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1/26/2020 6:17 pm  #1

Ocean County: Winter Field Day

Ocean County ARES operators Paul KB2RUV; Glen KD2FFR; and Tim NJ2N participated in Winter Field Day 2020 this weekend.

Paul set up on a prominent hill near the bombing range off RT539 on Saturday and operated thru the night and for most of the event -- taking only a 2 hour break for some sleep. He racked up 120 contacts, many of which were made using the OCARES ANA-1 NVIS antenna. The farthest was Alabama. Pretty amazing for a wire 3 feet off the ground.

The others joined him, Sunday morning after the PA and NJ NBEMS Nets, at the Greenwood Wildlife Management Area on RT539. More contacts were made. The most notable for NJ2N was a 25W SSB QSO with an operator in North Dakota.

NJ2N (left); KB2RUV (right)  Red Arrow: Hustler Resonators for 15M/20M/40M;
Yellow Arrow: OCARES ANA-1 NVIS Antenna

Winter Field Day really seems to be catching on. We've operated the event for the past few years and each year the number of participants increases dramatically.
Winter Field Day differs from the main ARRL Field Day in June in that it's more about EmComm operating and less about barbecuing -- because deployments would never happen when its cold out...Right?  :  )

If you or your group worked Winter Field Day, please post the info here. We're curious who else was out there that we couldn't hear in the pile ups.



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