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4/06/2021 11:25 am  #1

Week #18 Winlink Severe Weather Report

GA, Operators.

The response to last week’s AAR on the Key Method was overwhelmingly positive. With that in mind, I figure we’ll demo another version with a Winlink Severe Weather Report form.
With this template you can simulate storm conditions whenever you need them.

For the Header, please use: Your Name; Phone # will be You Area Code + 555-1234; Email Address is optional. Fill in your location information (Bonus points for your GPS Coordinates)

Please put THIS IS A DRILL in the Additional Info Box and address your message to: SNJNWS

[NOTE: If you use any Winlink WX Forms for actual reporting to the actual NWS, please Cc: your County Skywarn Coordinator for recordkeeping purposes, as requested by the SNJ Section Mgr.]

The “KEY” will be sent out at 2pm today by Winlink email. If you don’t get a copy sent to your Winlink address, email me at: I’ll get one sent directly to you ASAP.

For any newcomers to the net: You can just send a regular Winlink email message to SNJWW with you Callsign; Name; Town; County; State; and the Winlink Mode that you’re checking in by (VARA, ARDOP, Packet, etc..)

Telnet check-ins are acceptable if RF is not an option.
FYI: The template is stored as a PNG or GIF file, instead of a PDF, so that the message options cannot be “cut and pasted” when used with Winlink or FLDigi. This way operators have to manually type in the info – just like in the real world.
The brief instructions at the top are optional and can be used or not depending on the participant’s familiarity with the “method”.
Have fun. 73


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