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1/26/2020 5:45 pm  #1

SNJ Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator - Weather

From:Thomas Devine

Please welcome KD2KVZ - Dave Larcombe as the SNJ Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator - Weather. Dave will be immediately taking over the Sections Weather monitoring and reporting functions. Dave has been involved with weather monitoring for a long time and even has experience as a 'storm chaser'. In order provide weather information in a timely manner to local teams, if local Emergency Coordinators would like significant and server weather communications sent to their team's SKYWARN coordinator and ECs both, please provide Dave and I with individuals call, email, and contact telephone. Dave's email address is

Dave will be replacing KC2OON - Keith who has resigned, since he is leaving SNJ Section for professional opportunity. Reminder: Please try to separate SKYWARN nets and hours on monthly reports. The Section is attempting to demonstrate our commitment to SKYWARN through results of our actions. 

Thank you, for your leadership in amateur radio emergency communications.  
Tom Devine - WB2ALJ
SNJ - Section Emergency Coordinator
Cell/Text: 908-399-7573
Home: 732-928-3388 


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