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3/24/2021 6:43 am  #1

Week #16 Realtime Exercise Traffic Part 3: ARC6409

GM, Operators.
Welcome to Week #16 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net and the third and final week of our Realtime Traffic method.
For Weeks 1&2, we used an ICS213 for our traffic. This method works equally well with other forms, too.
We’re going to use an ARC 6409 Resource Request Form this week. It will be a bit more involved than the ICS213.
Each numbered request asks for two items. The Stock Numbers add a degree of difficulty that would have to be dealt with in realtime during a deployment.  They can be equally challenging, whether you're passing traffic by digital or voice. Either way, it’s probably not a bad idea to practice in advance.
Also… Using Message 0 as an example: You’ll notice after the Stock No. it says, “5 EA 5”. That is Quantity 5; Unit of Measure EA; then Total Quantity 5; followed by the Description and Date Needed – just like on the form.
Please fill in the Header as written below:
Leave the Footer blank.
Check your Winlink email any time after 6pm tonite for this week's "key". (If you don't get an email from SNJARC send an email to NJ2N at arrl dot net, and I'll resend it to you directly by Winlink)
Please send your traffic to: SNJARC
[NOTE: I’ve asked for your name and location in the POC section of the Header to help me keep track of who sends each form.  In the real world, there would be ARC info there.]
And that’s it for this week.
Hope to see you tomorrow.


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