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3/16/2021 12:28 pm  #1

Week #15 Realtime Exercise Traffic Part 2: ICS213

GA, Operators.
Welcome to Week #15 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net.
This week will be the second of three that will introduce a method of generating “realtime” traffic for training exercises (as opposed to pre-distributed, “canned” exercise traffic or relying on individuals to make up their own traffic).
Last week, we only had two message options (odd or even). This week we'll expand to a full 10 messages (0-9).
The "key" for this week's exercise will be: The last digit of the year you were born.
 For example: If I was born in 1758, I would send message #8: CERT REPORTS GAS SHUT OFF FOR TWO BLOCK RADIUS AROUND BEAVER ST SCHOOL
Please send your messages to SNJOEM.
It doesn't get much easier than that.
As always: Telnet check-ins are acceptable if RF is not an option.
Have fun.


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