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3/09/2021 9:22 am  #1

Week #14 Realtime Exercise Traffic Part 1: ICS213

GM, Operators.
Welcome to Week #14 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net.
This week will be the first of three that will introduce a method of generating “realtime” traffic for training exercises (as opposed to pre-distributed, “canned” exercise traffic or relying on individuals to make up their own traffic).
We’re going to start out with the basic concept this time, just to keep it simple. Here’s the plan:
The Net will send the following ICS213 message to SNJOEM. Fill in the Header and Footer as written. You’ll notice that there are two message options in the Message Body. If your birthday is on an even numbered day…Send the first message. If it’s odd, send the second. That’s it. Pretty simple, eh?
We have a couple net Operators that aren’t members of any EmComm group. You can either play along with this exercise or just send in a regular check-in in the message body.
As always…. Telnet check-ins are acceptable if RF is not an option.
Have fun,


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