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2/16/2021 8:38 am  #1

Week #11 Narrative Situation Report

GM, Operators.

For Week #11, we’re looking for a SITREP on your Winlink station’s emergency power capabilities.

The Narrative Situation Report template is located in the General Forms tab.
Please fill out the Header and Boxes 1-3 as shown, and answer the questions in Boxes 3-7.
You are the Authorizing Official and your Position will be your Callsign. Bonus points if you add SNJ Winlink Wednesday to the top of the form.
For anyone using Telnet: Please answer whether or not you have a way to keep your PC up and running on Emergency Power. If you’re using a laptop and are using its internal battery you can answer YES to Boxes 4 and 5. Answer #6 as best you can. Box 7 is the important one: Tell us if you can recharge your laptop without AC power. This is often a challenge. Most laptops need 19V to charge.
If you’re using a standard tower PC….Wing it. 

I understand that we are not exactly using this form as intended. Consider this part of an exploration of the available forms. I’ve never fully explored the vast catalog of templates in Winlink, and am pretty impressed with the selection. Perhaps some of you are in the same boat. Or maybe you already have a good amount of template experience. Either way, feel free to look around for yourself and make suggestions for future nets. And thanks for playing along.

This week’s net brought to you by Jason KD2QED. Thanks for suggesting the use of emergency power for the net.


2/16/2021 8:48 am  #2

Re: Week #11 Narrative Situation Report

There is a typo in the message that the forum will not let me correct.
" ...and answer the questions in Boxes 3-7.  "  Should read: 4-7.

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