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1/29/2021 8:27 am  #1


I just want to add an important note to the frame's build:

Once it's assembled... Spray it with the rubberized coating  

Even though it is just a thin layer, it will help prevent the radio from grounding out on other pieces of equipment -- or anything else, for that matter.
Mine grounded to the antenna tuner it was sitting on. The resulting RF interfered with my PC. There was no permanent damage, but you have been warned.

Other than that, I've been using the frame and its radio for portable operations on a  regular basis. It really makes everything a lot easier. Station set up is quick, being as most of it stays connected within the frame. 

Just FYI: The Signalink is not physically attached to the frame. I designed it so the interface just sits inside, and is "trapped" in place by the radio and the way the aluminum angle is riveted in place. It can be removed, but it is highly unlikely that it could get loose on its own.

Feel free to post any questions or comments.

Have fun out there. 73




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