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1/19/2021 5:56 pm  #1

Introducing the OCARES ANA-1 NVIS Antenna

The OCARES ANA-1 ultra lightweight/compact NVIS antenna for local HF EmComm operations.

Ocean County ARES has done a bunch of testing with this antenna over the past 18 months using Digital and SSB on 80 & 40 meters, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. We've made low power or QRP contacts from 6 miles out to 308 miles (308mi was digital with 5W). We've also used it to make digital and SSB contacts within 20 miles using just 1W (under favorable band conditions). This thing is a workhorse, and it fits in your hand.

It is ridiculously fast to set up and take down. We think you'll really dig it for any HF portable, or local operations, where repeaters or C4FM might be down.

Another big plus for ANA-1 is its versatility. We'll be posting different configurations of the antenna in the near future.



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