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3/27/2020 12:01 pm  #1

Shelters:Nature's Petri Dish...

Hope All are well.

Here's an article from the New York Times about COVID19 and Red Cross Shelter planning. I'll tell you upfront, it's not terribly informative or imaginative.
Read at your own discretion:

Spoiler Alert: It's primary suggestion is to put shelter residents in hotel/motel rooms, rather than gymnasiums. I understand the concept: Isolation. It may make sense on paper, but in practice should prove ridiculously impractical.

Maybe we can make use of the topic anyway.

Even without a Corona outbreak, shelters are an excellent vector for the spread of cooties. On the bright side, radio operators are usually somewhat isolated from the general population anyway. I would imagine it's pretty hard to communicate with the hum of a few hundred stir-crazy residents in the background.
But at the same time, this would pose different challenges than "sheltering" at home -- like we're doing now. We are in control at home. What about when you're forced to use a common bathroom or get food from a common supply?


Any thoughts on safely dealing with this challenging environment? (beyond just saying the hell with it and staying home)

Are there a set of protocols already in place? If not...How do we plan to provide practical,cootie-free communication?

Discussion encouraged.



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