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3/24/2020 10:13 am  #1

Altantic County Impromtu Quaratine Nets...

Good Morning, 
In the interest of trying to break up the boredom and lower the potential divorce rate of Ham Radio Operators during this Stay At Home Order, We will be holding an impromptu "Quarantine Net" at 3pm today. All are welcome including 3rd Party Traffic from your Spouse and the Kids. We are Ham Radio Operators and we invented Social Distancing. Lets all hang out and talk about whatever and help keep each others Spirits High!
Let's see if we can set a record for Check-Ins. I will start as Net control and will be happy to pass the NCS around if anyone wants to take a shot at it. 
Thanks and Hope to Hear You on the Net, 
Dave Larcombe,
KD2KVZPresident, Southern Counties Amateur Radio Assn.

NOTE: This post was edited to be a general, daily call up. It has been modified from the original "inaugural" net posting on the SNJ page. Please check for the "repeater of the day" at:

I listened in to the net yesterday, and Dave has amassed quite a following from around the country (not just county). The purpose of this net IS NOT to discuss the current COVID19 situation. It is designed to give everyone a break from that.
Thanks, Dave. Great idea!


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