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7/11/2023 6:05 pm  #1

WEEK #135 Windshield Damage Survey

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #135.

You’re still assigned to the Hazard County CERT Team for this week’s exercise.

You’ll be surveying damage around Disasterville and recording the data in a Initial Damage Assessment/Windshield Survey Form (Select Template/Standard Templates/General Forms/Windshield Damage Survey). There are two versions of the form: a fillable Winlink form and a worksheet version. If you’d like to ratchet up the realism, print out a paper copy of the form (worksheet) and fill it out by hand. Then transfer the finished form to the Winlink version. (You might not want to risk a PC out in a flooded disaster area) It’s up to you.

Fill out the Header as follows:
Jurisdiction: Hazard County
Incident #: 0723-003
Survey Area: Disasterville
Survey Team: HC CERT TEAM 3
Start of Event: 05/02/2023
Please put: This is a drill... In the comment box.

The video is here: HURRICANE Ida Aftermath in Golden Meadow, LA - 8/30/2021 - YouTube

Send your completed form to: SNJNWS
That’s it. Have fun.


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