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3/21/2023 8:00 pm  #1

WEEK #120 ICS214

GE, Operators.

Welcome to Week #120.
First off, a quick note about last week’s net. Everyone did a great job with the ICS213 Resource Request Form. But… In the interest of accuracy, open the form you sent in and compare the time that the Search Dogs were requested with the original form that I posted for the net. If the time on both forms match, congratulations. If they don’t, you might want to proofread a little better. If this had been an actual emergency, accuracy counts. It’s very easy to miss little details. We’ve all done it at one time or another. Hopefully, practice makes perfect.
For this week’s net, we’ll be using an ICS214 Activity Log. I’ve noticed that there can be some confusion between ICS309s and ICS214s. The 309 is a log of radio traffic handled by a particular station. The 214, on the other hand, records significant events that happen at a particular location. These events are not necessarily “on air”.  For example: Shift changes; an operator goes on a break; power comes back on; etc…
The scenario: You were Team Leader for a radio station at a Red Cross Shelter. During your deployment, your team recorded their activity on a paper log. You have been requested to send your log in via ham radio. Please transfer your paper log to a digital Winlink ICS214 and send it to: SNJARC.
Here’s a link to the paper log:
Have fun!


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