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3/01/2023 5:50 am  #1

Week #117 Severe WX Report with Key

GM, Operators.
Welcome to Week #117.
The response to last week’s AAR on the Key Method was overwhelmingly positive. As requested by many of you, we’ll demo another form with a Winlink Severe Weather Report.

With this template you can simulate storm conditions whenever you need them.
Please open a Winlink Severe Weather Report Form (Select Template/Standard Templates/Weather Forms/Severe WX Report)
For the Header, please use: Your Name; Phone # will be You Area Code + 555-1234; Email Address is optional. Fill in your location information (Bonus points for your GPS Coordinates)
Here is a link to the Key:
The Key for this week will be: The last digit of the year that you were first licensed as a ham radio operator.
Please put THIS IS A DRILL in the Additional Info Box and address your message to: SNJNWS
FYI: The template is stored as a PNG or GIF file, instead of a PDF, so that the message options cannot be “cut and pasted” when used with Winlink or FLDigi. This way operators have to manually type in the info – just like in the real world.
Have fun. 73


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