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1/03/2023 7:25 pm  #1

Week #109 ICS201 Incident Briefing (with spreadsheets and JPEG)

GE, Operators.
Happy New Year and welcome to Week #109.
We’re going to hit the ground running to get this year off on the right foot.
The Winlink folks added an ICS201 Incident Briefing form (Select Template/Standard Templates/ICS Forms/ICS201 Incident Briefing) to their templates recently. This form gives us the opportunity to use a few skills in one place.

The following exercise is taken from an actual training ICS201 that dipicts a fictional chemical spill on Tonna Blvd.

Here’s the situation: You are the radio operator at an EOC. You are given a thumb drive containing a PDF version of an ICS201, along with a couple spreadsheets containing pertinent information. You will have to copy and paste the form’s header information into your Winlink ICS201 and then copy and parse the spreadsheet information into the appropriate parts of the form. There is also a JPEG diagram of the incident area that you will have to resize and attach to your Winlink email. It may be best to send it in a separate message to keep the message size manageable. The diagram is pretty basic, so you can shrink it to 20-30kb without losing too much resolution if you’re using HF.
The PDF, spreadsheets, and JPEG are here:
Please send your completed form to: SNJOEM
Post and questions or comments here or email them to SNJWW.
That’s it. Have fun!


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