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11/29/2022 9:22 pm  #1

Week #104 ICS204/ICS205A

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #104.
We’re going to be doing two different “paste from spreadsheet” methods this week.
The first will be pretty standard. You will paste the Assigned Resources into an ICS204 from the spreadsheet here:
The second is a little trickier.
I’ve sent an ICS205A to everyone that participated in last week’s net. You won’t be able to just copy the communications information into a spreadsheet directly from the form. Click on the Save ICS205A Data button at the bottom of the form. Then go to your computer’s Downloads folder and open the ICS205A text file. Copy the information and paste it into a spreadsheet. You will need to swap the Name and Function columns to match up with the columns at the bottom of the ICS204.        
I recommend copying each column separately to your browser’s clipboard. Then use the Windows key (looks like a little window key down by your keyboard’s space bar) + the v key to see the clipboard. That is the Windows key and the v key at the same time. Now you can select the columns and paste them into the right spots on the form.
Here is the rest of the info you need for the form’s header:
Incident Name: Hazard County Flash Flood
Operational Period: 11/30-12/2; 0600L-2359L
Branch: Operations; Division: Bridge; SOUTH; Staging Area 1
Operations Section Chief: Leroy Jenkins
Branch Director: Tom Baxter
Div/Group Supervisor: Terry Thomas
Prepared by: Larry Kimble Planning Branch

Work Assignment: Clear debris from the Morrison Bridge deck and abutments.

The idea is to move information from one form to another and rearrange as needed. This sounds harder than it is. Let me know if you have any questions.
Send your completed ICS204 to: SNJOEM
That’s it. Have fun!


11/30/2022 4:42 pm  #2

Re: Week #104 ICS204/ICS205A

GE, Operators.
There is no Save Data button on the ICS205A that you received from me. It is only on the form when you compose it.
I'm fairly sure you can in fact copy the ICS205A information in one chunk and paste it into the ICS204 for parsing.
Sorry for the mix up.

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