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11/08/2022 10:11 pm  #1

Week #101 RRI ICS213 Radiogram

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #101.

This week we’ll be using the RRI Radiogram ICS213 form. Its purpose is to easily convert a digital form (Standard ICS 213) to be sent via voice in a familiar format (ARRL Radiogram). This could be useful if an official message needs to be inserted into the NTS (National Traffic System) or if it needs to be sent locally to a station without digital capabilities (No power; laptop freezes; etc…)

You will find it very similar to an ARRL Radiogram, with one large exception. Standard ICS 213 forms do not have the maximum twenty-five-word restriction that a radiogram does. When you’re filling out the RRI Radiogram ICS213 form it will alert you when you exceed 25 words, but it will not stop you from continuing. I have exceeded 50 words and still been able to post my message to the Outbox.

For this week’s exercise, open an RRI ICS213 Radiogram. (Select Template/Standard Templates/Radiogram and RRI Forms/RRI ICS213 Radiogram)
Address it to me. You can look up NJ2N at Add your information. Please comment on the feasibility of passing a 50 word digital ICS213 by voice, using this form in the Message Text area.
Address your radiogram directly to: SNJWW (No need to tie up any Liaison Stations for this exercise)

That’s it.
Have fun!
PS: Here’s a link to a PDF version of the form, if you’d like to print it out to have on hand:


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