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6/22/2022 7:15 am  #1

Week #81 MULTI-WEEK EXERCISE: Welfare Message, Update ICS214A

GM, Operators.
Welcome to Week #81 and the third week of our multi-week exercise.
First: Open an ICS214A and click on the Load All ICS214A Data button. This will open your Downloads Folder. Select the data from last week’s exercise. It will be labeled with the form type and the date. Open that file and it will populate your ICS214A form. Now you are ready to add this week’s activity to your form. When you are done, click on Save ICS214A Data at the bottom of the form to save your updated form.
This week we’re going to send in a Welfare Form (Select Template/Standard Templates/General Forms/Welfare Message) Please address it from your favorite high school teacher. For an email, use: NJ2N_ocares at yahoo dot com. The message is up to you. Post it to your Outbox and send.
That’s it for this week.
Have fun!


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