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12/01/2021 4:25 am  #1

Week #52 Adhoc P2P and ICS205

GM, Operators.
Welcome to the one-year anniversary of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net.
There’s going to be a lot going on this week. The net will run from 12/1 to 12/5.

First, there will be P2P Target Stations on the air for any HF Operators that would like to make contact. The Target Stations will post their on-air schedules in the comment section of their Winlink Position Reports. To access them, you will have to send a request to the Winlink System. Here’s how:

Open a regular Winlink message. Address it to: QTH.
In the Subject Line put: Position Request.
In the Message Body put the Target Station callsigns (One per line, like the list below).
Open a Winlink session and send the message. Wait ~15 minutes and open another session. You should receive a response listing their Position Reports.

Here are the Target Stations:

(You can copy/paste the list into your Winlink request)

The Target Station schedules may change over the course of the net (12/1-12/5), so if possible, make a new request daily or as often as you can.

When contacting a P2P Target Station use a Winlink Check-in Form or a regular Winlink email message.
For our VHF Operators and HF Operators not doing P2P:
Please request the Target Station Position Reports as described above and compile all their schedules into an ICS205. Send your completed form to: SNJOEM.
Here’s an example:

There may be additional messages or information sent out over the course of the net, so check your Inbox every day or so, if possible.
Thank you to All the Operators that have made the SNJ Winlink Wednesday Net a success!
See you on the air.
Until then, 73


12/01/2021 5:19 am  #2

Re: Week #52 Adhoc P2P and ICS205

A little more about this net…
There are a couple of things going on during this net.
Creating an Adhoc P2P Net “on the fly”:

During a region-sized emergency Winlink RMS nodes may be very busy. This may make communication via P2P NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) a better option locally. If local stations post their P2P availability in their Position Reports, other stations can get that information by doing either a WL2K_NEARBY or Position Request (if local HF Winlink stations are already known). They would only have to access the RMS once to start shifting to P2P.

Most of the time, P2P nets are scheduled well in advance of the actual net, with times and frequencies decided and published ahead of time. Sometimes in the real-world things don’t work out that way. Our “adhoc” net is one way to get comms up and running without much infrastructure. Is it the best way? Maybe no, but it’s an option. If nothing else, it’s a chance to really dig into what Winlink offers and to push it beyond normal use.

Creating your own ICS205 isn’t a bad idea either. Things are prone to change during an emergency, including modes of communication. An easy way to keep track is to keep your own log of stations and frequencies. Or you may be asked to do this by a served agency. It also looks better than a scribbled and crossed out piece of paper when documents are rounded up after an event.
Our net has been doing some pretty advanced stuff over the past year, and I’m proud to say that you’ve all been able to figure things out on your own. We have a great group of Operators here. I thank you all again for making this net possible and a success.

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12/01/2021 10:43 am  #3

Re: Week #52 Adhoc P2P and ICS205

P2P Frequencies are DIAL FREQUENCIES, not center. Sorry I missed this in the original post.

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