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11/16/2021 6:57 pm  #1

Week #50 Use an Alternate RMS Scenario

GE, Operators.
Welcome to Week #50 of the SNJ Winlink Wednesday.
This week’s net is brought to you by Gary K2GW, who suggested the following scenario:
There is an internet outage in your area. It has taken the RMS node(s) that you usually use out of service. Can you still get traffic thru?
HF Operators check-in using a different RMS node than you usually use – at least 100 miles from your location is ideal. Bonus points for using a different band than you usually use.

VHF Operators use a different VHF node or an HF Relay station to check-in if at all possible. You might find a relay station on the WL2K_NEARBY  or WL2K_MOBILES  lists from recent nets. Perhaps you can reach out to a local operator to see if they can help you out.

Please use a Winlink Check-in form and send it to SNJWW. In the comment field list the node that you use and its distance from your location. If you use a different band, please mention that as well. If you are unable to use a different node, or get a relay, mention any contingency plan you might have for passing traffic if your local node is down.
Have fun and try something different! Thanks, Gary.


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