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10/27/2021 7:37 am  #1


This MP3 is difficult. Traffic is both spread out and sporadic. There is some degree of chaos at times. This net is very "real-world"; it will challenge your logging ability and method. 

As always: Headphones are highly recommended.

The plan: 
Log  all the way thru the recording, on your first time listening to the file. If you miss something, keep going. Finish as best you can and then start from scratch with a fresh ICS309 and do the whole thing over again. This exercise is about getting all the information recorded without stopping.  

The exercise:

You will be logging for NORTH END. The NORTH END operator is female -- the only one on the recording. That should make recognizing NORTH END a little easier.

Listen for, and record, traffic between NORTH END and: numbered SAG Vehicles; South End; 5th and Atlantic (5th/ATL); 6th and Atlantic (6th/ATL); Net Control (NCS) 

Here's a link to the file:

Have fun!


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