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10/12/2021 5:26 pm  #1

Week #45 ICS309 Charity Bike Ride: Route Net

GA, Operators.
For Week #45 we’ll be training with the ICS309 again.
[If you're not into EmComm, send in a Winlink Check-in Form]

As always.... Telnet check-ins are fine in RF isn't available.

There are two links below. The first MP3 file is edited with approximately :10 between traffic. The second MP3 is a little harder and is only edited with approximately :05 between traffic. Both are around 8min long. Choose the one that best suits your skill level – or do them both.

We’re going to reuse the ICS309 Header from Week #43 find it here: 

When you’re done, please email the results to: SNJOEM.
A quick reminder:
You will be logging for Net Control.

Log all traffic on your ICS309 ON THE FIRST LISTEN. If you don’t get it all, get another form and try it again from the top. Don't double back to get something you missed. 

Use headphones if you have them.

You will be recording: Tactical Callsigns (mile markers); SAG, Support, EMS, motorcycles and Staff vehicles; Operator On/Off Location; Operator Released; and anything else that you deem pertinent. You DO NOT need to record FCC Callsigns.

When you’re done with a form, it’s not a bad idea to put, “NO FURTHER ENTRIES ON THIS FORM” in the next line, so nothing can be added or altered later.

At times, Net Operators will talk faster than you like. There may be “doubles” and callsigns may get clipped by the repeater. These things happen in the real world. It’s probably best to get comfortable working around them now, rather than when it’s for real.
My preference: I lean toward logging on an FLMSG ICS309. It only takes one click to set the time, and it’s only a few kb if opened in html view, saved, and then attached to a Winlink email. It should open in a regular browser window, without FLMSG or any other software.
We’ve run into problems with having multiple Winlink Templates open simultaneously. I’m sure there’s a way around it, but losing a log due to a simple mistake could be bad. Whatever method you use, get comfortable with it.
Here are the links:


Slightly harder:
Have fun!
 PS: I will post more MP3 files on this forum in the Training Materials section as I get time to edit them. Each file will have a number/letter rating indicating its difficulty level. This should allow you to work on logging on at your covenience and at your own pace. 


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