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9/21/2021 7:25 pm  #1

Week #42 Realtime Traffic Part 3: ARC 6409 Resource Request/Severe WX

GE, Operators.
Week #42 will wrap up our time with the Key Method of generating real-time exercise traffic.

Until now we’ve used the ICS213. This week we’ll have two options: an ARC6409 Resource Request form and/or a Severe Weather Report form.

You can send one or both to: SNJWW

Please follow the links to the forms:

I will Winlink email the Key for this week around 0600 EDT, Wednesday morning. Use the key for either or both forms.

[NOTE: During a real exercise, your traffic would most likely be location-specific. I doubt that you’d have WX Reports from a shelter or Shelter Requisitions from a weather spotter. I’m just trying to give you some ideas to mess with.]

Have fun!


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