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9/14/2021 6:12 pm  #1

Week #41 Real-time Traffic Part 2 (0-9) ICS213

GE, Operators.
For Week #41 we’re going to continue working with the Key Method of generating real-time exercise traffic.
We’ll use the ICS213 again. This time it will have ten message options (0-9)

The scenario: You are a radio operator at your local county’s OEM. You are tasked to send the attached message to the local CERT Team Leader.

You will send the message that corresponds with the last number of your street address. That is the “KEY” for this exercise.
Address your Winlink email to: SNJOEM              
Here's the link to the form:
This is how the Key Method works: The person in charge (PIC) of an exercise would distribute this form (or more) to the exercise participants in advance. Even though everyone would have the form before the exercise starts, no one would know which numbered message to send until the “key” was announced by the PIC. This would add some real time pressure to either sending by voice or typing for digital. The receiving station(s) wouldn’t know the last digit of everyone’s address, so they would be working in real time, too.
The same key can be used for different forms in the exercise. If you want to generate extra traffic, the PIC can release another key and reuse the same forms.
I’m keeping the messages short, to fit in the form. Longer, more detailed, messages could be put in a Word doc or PDF and numbered 0-9, with the form typed in the Header.
Feel free to check out some other form examples here:
As always, have fun!


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