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8/31/2021 4:52 pm  #1

Week #39 Resize and Crop Image

GE, Operators.
Week #39 will build on last week’s image cropping exercise.

This time you’ll have to resize and crop the image (not necessarily in that order) to get it to a sendable size for HF. VHF Operators may be fast enough to send it untouched, but I’d rather see you do the resize and crop anyway – that’s kinda the point of the exercise.

The Surface Analysis Image is just over 162kb. You will focus your image on Tropical Depression Ida and enough of its surroundings to show its past track, its present location, and it projected track. You will probably want to keep Florida and the Great Lakes in the image for reference.

Here's a link to this week's image:

Please whittle it down to around 25kb, but keep the resolution readable.

Send your image to SNJOEM, and Cc: yourself at a regular email address.
I realize some of you “resized”, rather than cropped last week. This time out please try both.
Have fun!


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